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Guangxi Forestry Group Company Limited (Guangxi Forestry Group) on October 10, 2008 by the autonomous regional people's government approved the establishment of autonomous regions directly under the state-owned large enterprises, by the regional Forestry Department to fulfill the responsibilities of investor on behalf of the regional government. Guangxi Forestry Group 850 million yuan registered capital and assets included in the scope of the peak, including Guangxi, pulp and paper industry (Group) Co., Ltd assets and the peak, seven slope, the East Gate, send Yangshan, Chin Lim, Bobai, sixty thousand good Feng Jiang, Victoria are, three river, yellow crown, a large Shan, elegant and long straight District 13 212 acres of state forest assets of state-owned forest land.
In accordance with the regional party committee and government decision-making arrangements, Guangxi Forestry Group undertakes two major integrated pulp and paper to promote the coastal construction projects, bigger and stronger forestry industry, Promoting paper and wood processing as soon as possible billion dollar industry of responsibility, in Guangxi Strong District Forestry Development Strategy "12345" work thinking, clearly suggested the Guangxi Forestry Group into an annual output of over 100 billion "carrier class" forestry enterprises, to Guifeng Lin forestry industry developed into four listed companies one.
Guangxi Forestry Group, in accordance with the regional party committee, the Government's decisions and plans, give full play to advantages of Guangxi forest resources, to take a good firm does not inalienable forest land as the basis, as the leading forest products processing, project development path for the carrier industry, to develop integrated pulp and paper, forestry board integration, integration of forest pulp fiber, forest industry and trade integration of integrated projects, to develop forest resources, insurance, forest resource assessment, forest security, forestry, property rights, green real estate, tea, fertilizer and other diversified industries, extend the industrial chain to realize the Group's leapfrog development, strong area for the construction of forestry for the realization of Guangxi Science and harmonious development, leapfrog development and make unremitting efforts. Group's development objectives are: by 2015 the output value of more than 10 billion yuan to build an adult (including the two major pulp and paper project), the leading enterprise-level autonomous region, Instant Linda to 90 mu, plywood, 80 million cubic meters, the Group established under the jurisdiction of 1-2 of listed companies; to 2020, construction output value of over 500 billion adult national large enterprise groups, Instant Forest area of more than 100 acres, plywood production over 1 million cubic meters.
(Guangxi Forestry Group)

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